Early Beginnings

As the child of an auctioneer, I started my life in the auction business at an early age, like many second generation auction kids, doing jobs like carrying out boxes of Tupperware, picking up garbage, helping little old ladies load purchases, running sheets and keeping the lunch wagon in business. My first real job with our company, Wears Auctioneering, was as a clerk. I learned the computerized clerking system at the age of 10 and continued that job until I went to auction school at 17. After attending World Wide College of Auctioneering in Mason City, Iowa and graduating with my certificate in bilingual auctioneering, I started helping my dad as an auctioneer.

Award-Winning Auctioneer

Soon after graduating from auction school, I joined the Iowa Auctioneers Association (IAA) and the National Auctioneers Association (NAA) and started competing. I placed 2nd in the International Junior Auctioneer Championship (IJAC) in 2008 and then in 2009 I won the Iowa Auctioneers Contest. From that point on, my auction career has been a whirlwind. I moved to Wyoming and joined the Wyoming Auctioneers Association (WAA) and the Colorado Auctioneers Association (CAA). In 2010 the WAA named me the Wyoming People's Choice Auctioneer. In 2012 I was honored to be the first female and the youngest recipient ever to win the Colorado Auctioneers Contest. Finally in 2014, I was named the first female winner of the Wyoming Auctioneers Contest. I have competed and made finals at the International level multiple times. I have also earned the prestigious Certified Auctioneers Institute (CAI), Benefit Auctioneer Specialist (BAS) and Auction Technology Specialist (ATS) designations through the National Auctioneers Association designation academy. I've been on various committees and panels within my associations and have held a position as a board of directors member of the Colorado Auctioneer's Association. I have been honored to have been a judge at multiple state competitions. 

Auction Experience

As an auction professional, I have worked for many auction companies all over the country in a variety of capacities. I have also done numerous benefit auctions on my own and with other auctioneers in Iowa, Wyoming and Colorado.

Within these companies I have held a variety of positions; a bidcaller, a ring person, clerked using paper and computer systems, cashiered using paper and computer systems, helped to catalog and run online only and online-live simulcast auctions and done office work including creating flyers, listing and cataloging auctions, creating and updating websites, managing social media sites, and fielding phone calls and e-mails. 

Show-Biz Auctioneer

In 2012 I started working with a production company on a new auction-based Reality Show called, "Money Barn". The show is a fun, upbeat, interactive depiction of different types of auctioneers and what we do! The show aired on Animal Planet in March of 2013.

In a strange chain of events, that seemingly short lived reality show actually led me to another fantastic opportunity. They say, "It's all who ya know!" and that must be true because someone from Money Barn knew someone from Storage Wars. One thing lead to another, and I am excited to announce that I am now the NEWEST auctioneer on the hit reality show Storage Wars. I will be featured throughout the 9th season which premiers April 12th, 2017 on A&E and runs Wednesday nights at 9/8C. Don't miss it - it's fun, funny, kind of weird and probably a little overly dramatic! (That's what reality TV is all about, right?) Tune in and tell your friends!

All new episodes every Wednesday on A&E. 

All new episodes every Wednesday on A&E. 

Taking the Auction Business Online

In January 2015, I moved to Cheyenne, Wyoming to pursue the auction business full time. I have opened a new branch of our company called Wears Auctioneering WEST. I have since moved back to Iowa and have taken over the online division of our company. To learn more about our business, go to 


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Have a listen!

Emily Wears auctioneering in the Finals of the 2014 IAC in Louisville, Kentucky.

International Auctioneer Championship 2013 Finals

Emily Wears auctioneering in the finals of the 2012 IAC finals in Spokane, Washington.